Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do It While You Can

Do it while you can
My mother did say.
Been wasting too much time
So starting today--

I will smile
I will laugh
And wear high heels.
I'll cast glances
Take chances
Just to know how it feels.

I will dance
And I'll sing
Though horribly off-key.
I'll do it loud
I'll do it proud
So everyone can see.

Love me
Or hate me
Do as you please.
I'll stand tall
And won't fall
Down to my knees.

I'll jump rope
And play games
Maybe learn to play guitar.
I'll have fun
And I'll run
Though probably not far.

I'll travel
Drink wine
Go out with the girls.
I'll view sunrises
And sunsets
Watch storm clouds whirl.

I'll imagine
And wonder
I'll make a new plan.
I'll dare to dream
And do everything
While I still can.

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