Thursday, March 24, 2016


The world is still immersed in darkness, 
and the house stands quietly, 
waiting for the day to begin. 

Sitting on the couch, 
sipping coffee,
I soak in the peacefulness of the moment. 
The sky begins to lighten
and I am reminded 
that the impending hustle of the day 
lies just up ahead. 
There are errands to run, 
laundry to wash, 
children to feed. 

But right now, the moment is all mine.

My mind skips across thoughts,
never landing in any one place for too long. 
It doesn't need to. 
Here in the quiet anything is possible.  
The day still stretches out before me, 
beckoning me to make of it 
what I will. 
There is no multitude of demands
pulling me in different directions all at once.  
I am in control of what will be. 

It is an illusion perhaps, 
but that is what makes these morning interludes so soothing.

Here, I can see clearly.  

Here, I am at peace.


  1. I love these early morning times of quiet before the rest of the world wakes up. Thanks for writing about them today!

  2. This is beautiful and only magnifies my wanting to be a morning person. I find my peace in the late night hours,but because I am forced to live a 9-5 life, I am often too tired to soak in the quiet in a productive manner.


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