Tuesday, March 21, 2017

For All the Times

For all the runs to Starbucks for early morning lattes

For all the nights you put toothpaste on my toothbrush

For all the days you stayed home with sick kids, so I didn't have to scramble to write sub plans

For all the hours of manual labor that bring my designs to life

For always loving our boys, teaching them how to become good men

For all the times you haven't gotten mad when I yelled, "Brakes!" while you're driving

For loving my mom as if she were your own, taking her to doctor appointments and changing her bandages, all the while acting as if it were no big deal

For taking out the garbage and doing dishes

For making it possible for me to sit at this computer and write

For forgiving me my moments of stupidity

For  always believing I'm smart, sexy, and funny - and almost making me believe it, too

For letting me be who I am, the good, the bad, and the ugly

For all the times you hold me when words aren't enough to take away the pain

For offering assurances when my anxiety rages out of control

For opening my car door and for holding my hand

For all the times you've held on even when you wanted to let go

For all these times and so much more

Thank you


  1. Amanda, your words reveal your gratitude for a caring life partner, but they also reveal your capacity for reflecting and noticing the deeds of others. It is an important perspective to see the world through the actions of others. You have shared some important and loving actions, but you have also reminded me of how important it is to reflect upon our good fortune. 'Thank you' -two powerful words.

    1. "Thank you" often doesn't seem like enough, but sometimes that's exactly what someone needs to hear.


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