Thursday, March 19, 2015

Be a Good Girl

Hide your tears
Hold your tongue
No one wants to hear
Be a good girl

Hurt feelings
Angry words
Must be kept inside
Be a good girl

Hopes and dreams
Ambitions run wild
No one cares about that
Be a good girl

Fake, saccharine smiles
Hollow laughter
Play the part
Be a good girl

Maybe if you do
They will decide
You are worth their time
Be a good girl


  1. Clever use of "controlled anger." You are a "good girl."
    D :)

  2. great minds think alike. my post deals with the very same themes.

  3. I know this is a great little poem because I'm angry now! Who's saying this? Who's encouraging this? I want to find them and set them straight. Can you tell I've never been the "good girl" who can control her emotions and stuff them down? (WW Erin)

  4. "fake, saccharine smiles" hadn't heard that word in years. I like the way it sounds definitely captured the emotion in this piece.

  5. Guilty. Only you said it so much better than I ever have.

  6. A beautifully written, piece of frustration. I love the voice of the writing, but feel torn by the fact that the character feels her voice is lost; suppressed. I bet the voice within is even more precious and glorious. hopefully that side will also be posted!

    Well done!

  7. This is wonderful and yes, a bit dark. But I find it relatable. I really like your writing.


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