Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Boys Will Be Boys

"I signed your permission slip," I told Jack when he walked into the kitchen. "It's on the counter."

"Whaaaaat permission slip?" he replied in his sing-song voice that lets you know he knows exactly what you're talking about, but he'd rather pretend he didn't. Even if that didn't give it away, the smirk and twinkling eyes would.

"You know exactly what permission slip I'm talking about," I said.

It may seem funny that a kid would be acting so strangely about a permission slip. Permission slips usually mean a field trip and that in turn means a day away from the normal routines of school. What kid doesn't love that? This permission slip, however, was different. This permission slip meant watching films (yes, they are actually described as films, which makes you question just how old these things are) with the fascinating titles of "Always Changing and Growing Up Girls" and "Always Changing and Growing Up Boys." Couldn't understand why he wasn't more excited.

"Hey, Jack," my husband interjected. "When the teacher asks if there are any questions, ask her, 'Is it true if you shake it more than three times you're playing with it?'"

"Errrrgh," my son moaned as he rushed across the kitchen to tackle his dad in mock exasperation. This had been an ongoing routine with them for several days now.

"Hey, Jack!" said my older son Jared. Great, now he was getting in on the act. One was never quite sure what was going to come out of his 16-year-old mouth. "If your teacher says something is hard, I'll give you ten bucks if you say, 'That's what she said.'"

I could see that now Jack had a real dilemma. Ordinarily, he wouldn't entertain the idea of doing anything his brother said even for a second, but now there was money involved. You could see the internal debate going on by the look on his face. Finally, he turned toward me (my being the only grown-up in the house at the moment), and asked, "Should I?"

As the sole grown-up in the room, I should have quickly put the matter to rest with a stern "Of course not!" Instead I simply laughed, hoped his teacher had the same inappropriate sense of humor I have, and said, "Sure."

Ahh. Life with boys. I wouldn't trade it for anything!


  1. I guess spring is the season for these kinds of permission slips. We just got the same for our oldest son.
    Thanks for sharing your humorous story. I like the way you showed his dilemma.

  2. Oh boy! Sounds exactly as I would expect a house full of boys to sound like. :)

  3. Ha! We regularly have "there's a sentence we never thought we'd say" moments at our house because of the crazy topics our son brings up. Very humorous story and very relateable for anyone who spends time with boys!


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