Friday, March 29, 2019

Third Grade Enthusiasm


"Yes?" twenty-three voices respond in unison.

"So, here's the plan. You have all been divided into the four tribes we will be studying. Everyone got either their first or second choice. I have two sources of information for each group. You will research your tribe, and then you will work as a team to create a Google slide presentation to share your research."

Honestly, I wasn't expecting the reaction I receive. Hands clap together. Smiling faces turn to look at each other in eager anticipation. Cheers erupt.

"Along the way, we will also do a few craft projects to explore the cultures of some of the California Indians," I continue.

More excitement erupts from the crowd of third graders.

"I like social studies now!" one boy enthuses, grinning from ear to ear.

After announcing the groups, giving them instructions on what to do, and getting them settled with their first source of information, I stand back and watch them get to work.

Personally, it hasn't been a great day. Just moments after announcing to my coworkers in the morning that I was hopeful that this would be the first "normal" day this week, I had received a message that quickly squelched that idea. More not-so-great news had followed, leaving me feeling deflated.

But now, as I look at these eager young faces, I can't help but smile and feel just the tiniest bit excited, too.

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