Sunday, March 31, 2019

One Final Thought for March

It's been a quiet, lazy morning, spent sipping my vanilla latte and watching The Ted Bundy Tapes while leaned back in our new recliner with a sleeping cat curled up at my feet. I will admit there is a twinge of guilt because, of course, there is a whole list of things that need doing today. But those things can wait. I think I'm finally learning it's wise not selfish to take care of myself.

It seems appropriate that this last day of March, this last day of the writing challenge, has arrived with bright blue, beckoning skies full of hope and promise. It is a welcome change from the churning gray and doubt and fear that has colored much of the month. Although nothing has really changed, today I feel that I have. On the days when the sky was dark and threatening, I learned to put up my umbrella and soldier on. I learned to look for rainbows and believe in their promise. I learned that every storm passes eventually and that blue skies are always on the horizon. It may not feel like it at times, but just hold on and wait and they'll appear.

During this month, I have read blog posts about needing to stay positive and watering flowers not weeds. All right and true words, and yet, in the face of some challenges, wholly inadequate. Demons, like weeds, sometimes do appear and need to be dealt with, not simply ignored with a cheerful expression plastered on your face. And there are times that demand our tears, no apology necessary.  We just can't let those days defeat us.  

The sun streams through the windows and the chirping of birds flitting through the air can be heard just outside. I don't know what the day holds in store. There is a part of me that is afraid of what waits just ahead. But in this moment, all I know is clear blue skies and the promise of a beautiful day. 

And that is enough for now.


  1. Ugh - this is the kind of pure, heartfelt closing post I yearn to be able to put together. I admire your abilities and your day today, both in actuality and in your mindset. Excellent final post. Congrats and good luck!


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