Saturday, March 28, 2020

Spring Break Begins

The calendar says
Spring Break has arrived
but the sky is gray
and the world is bleak
So much on my mind
leaves little to be said

I don't want to write about
symptoms and mortality rates
About distance learning and lonely kids
About toilet paper shortages and sheltering in place

I want to write instead about
birds chirping in newly-leafed trees
About water trickling down streams and tumbling merrily over rocks
About blue skies accented by white puffy clouds that mean no harm
About rose buds waiting to burst in an explosion of color

I want to write about
children laughing and playing,
fast-moving limbs exposed to dazzling sunlight
About summer vacations
and backyard barbecues
About mountain trails and friendly greetings
as strangers pass by

I want to write about picnics
and romantic sunset strolls
About cool ocean waves rolling
onto hot, sandy beaches
About dreaming big and making plans

I want to write about
the way things should be
and the way they someday will be again

1 comment:

  1. Yes, our spring break was right after the closing announcement. We were all so ready, then the shock set in. And all of things you mention in your poem from chirping birds to backyard barbeques to picnics and making summer plans I want back too. But your last line gives us hope!


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