Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Slice of Sunday

"Coffee?" my husband asks as I stumble into the kitchen.

"Yeees," I groan.  

Once upon a time, I didn't drink coffee. That was a lifetime ago, though, back when I didn't have kids and when I knew how to sleep all night. Now, it's a necessity. 

He comes over, gives me a kiss, and says, "Be right back."

Sunday is our one day off together, and we are usually torn between our desire to just take it slow and to get a million things done. (I'm pretty sure our to-do list is up to 15 million items by now.) This usually results in a slow-paced morning followed by an 'oh crap, it's getting late, we gotta get moving" afternoon. There never seems to be enough time, and today, due to Daylight Saving Time, there's an hour less than usual.

Dan returns a little later with my coffee and a box of pastries.

"Elixir of the gods," I say, as I eagerly accept the green, cardboard-sleeved cup.

"Panera. Do you like Panera because it reminds you of Pandora?" I ask. Stupid comment, I know, but remember, I haven't had any coffee yet.

He doesn't tell me that's stupid, though. He plays along and answers, "I don't know," like it's a serious question. Then he sits down on the couch to peruse the news and enjoy his scone.

Meanwhile, I sit at the computer at the kitchen table, just feet away, tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard, stopping every now and then to take a sip of the coffee that hopefully will kick in and clear away the cobwebs in my still-groggy brain.

Except for the sound of birds singing outside, it is quiet. Children are still sleeping and for now, the frantic rush of the day awaits. 


  1. It's a great slow start to a Sunday. Savor it as long as you can.

    1. I will! Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I love those slow starts, too, but sometimes I feel guilty. I solve this while working on my lesson plans on my computer while I drink my coffee and watch tv. This morning, I'm finding my morning to be especially slow :)

    1. Guilt and I are well acquainted! I feel guilty when I'm not working on something for school and I feel guilty when I'm not working on something for my home life. I've been working on that, though, trying to be focused on home when I am at home and leaving the work stuff at work.

      Enjoy your slow Sunday morning!

  3. What a wonderful start to the day! "Children are still sleeping"-definitely among my favorite words on a Sunday morning! I, too, remember those days when I didn't drink coffee, but that's not even a possibility anymore. In fact, reading your post is making me think I might need another cup!


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