Sunday, March 4, 2018

Do You?

Do you have a heart
if you're afraid to share it?

Do you have a soul
if you never bare it?

Do you have friends
if they can't be found?

Do you have identity
if you're lost in the crowd?

Do you have compassion
if you never let it show?

Do you have passion
if you just let it go?

Do you have a life
if you hide behind walls?

Do you have success
if you never risk it all?

Do you have convictions,
if you don't proclaim them to the world?

Do you have a voice
if it's never heard?


  1. Thank goodness for the clouds and rain because I really enjoyed your poem! I loved the repetition and rhyme, which made it feel somewhat whimsical even though you're clearly contemplating really thought provoking questions!


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