Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hello, Spring

I love spring.

The bright pops of pink, purple, red, and yellow against a backdrop of vivid greens and crystal blue. Newly green trees dappled in sunlight. The twittering of birds fluttering here and there. The warm air that dares you to remember winter ever ruled the land.

I spent my day immersed in it all today. A quick trip to the nursery this morning provided new little plants to spruce up the yard. Patio furniture was dragged out of hiding and given a refreshing bath before being dressed in brightly colored cushions. Everything was carefully arranged to welcome spring in style. The green spotty carpet of weeds brought by cold, winter rains was vigorously removed.

And that's when the sneezing and the sniffling and the scratchy throat began.

I love spring. We just don't get along too well.

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  1. I had to chuckle when I got to the end. I was all wrapped up in your spring preparations, wishing I could do the same thing. And then you reminded me the downside of spring--allergies.

    1. Right? Every year I get so excited about spring and then the allergies hit. It would be nice to enjoy the beauty without any of the suffering!

  2. I loved the ending. Yes, my daughters and I can all appreciate the ending.

  3. I relate to the ending. I'm dreading Sunday's Easter service for that very reason. The sanctuary will be filled with tulips, Easter lilies, and hyacinths. I wish I could enjoy spring without the misery.


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