Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Things Could Be Worse

Today I hit a wall. Not literally, mind you. It has become abundantly clear, however, that I was not cut out for manual labor. My arms and shoulders were sore this morning from the previous days' activities of digging and planting, and this afternoon my lower back began shouting warnings that I had better stop if I had any hope of being able to function at all tomorrow. 

My husband was feeling it, too. So, while I cleaned up the kitchen that had been sorely neglected for the past few days, he relaxed on the couch in the adjoining family room, perusing the headlines. Suddenly, he called out to me.

"Missing woman found naked inside a Florida storm drain."

"Um, okay. And why was the woman naked in a storm drain?" I asked.

"It doesn't really say. Her mom is quoted as saying she does strange things when she does drugs."

"Ah," I said, like that explained everything.

"The woman said she wandered into a storm drain and got lost."

"Yeah, I hate it when that happens," I replied.

"She was missing for three weeks," he added.

"Nooooo," I laughed.

Naked and lost in a storm drain for three weeks. What a bizarre story! Yet after hearing it, I couldn't help but think that I am incredibly fortunate to live the life I do.

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  1. Life could always be worse, doesn't make your sore shoulders any better, but yet, I too would rather be in your situation than the poor woman in the drain. Yikes!


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