Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crazy Cats!

Stealing sandwiches off counters 
and dragging them upstairs

Climbing up the backs of chairs

Wrestling at 4:00 a.m.
ramming our bedroom door

Opening cabinets
And sleeping in drawers

Meowing when left alone 
behind closed doors

Sharpening claws on furniture

Chewing on cords

Sucking on blankets and soft pj pants

Chasing each other in a crazed feline dance

Tearing down stairs to land with a thud

Grabbing hold of soft flesh, leaving trails of blood

Sleeping anywhere high that they can go

Chattering at birds just outside the window

Grabbing straws out of glasses unseen

Waiting for the dog to finish his dinner
to lick the bowl clean

Sitting on stairs, lying in wait

Performing death-defying stunts,
tempting fate

Snuggling up close,
purring night and day

Crazy cats!

Wouldn't have it any other way


  1. My father had cats (until my mom made him realize that he was deathly allergic to them) growing up. He tells me stories about things like this. I cannot even imagine!

    1. It sounds horrible, doesn't it? They mellow out as they age, but this stage is certainly exciting. Good thing they're cute and loving!

  2. They sound young! Though we have one wild one who doesn't seem to be mellowing with age, the others have moments of this wild play throughout the day but mostly they sleep and rest and nap and laze. It's definitely the life!

    1. How many do you have? When I was going to school to get my teaching credential I adopted a cat, whom I named Maslow. He was a feral cat and he used to terrorize me by attacking me as I walked through the room. He mellowed with age, but I think it did take him about seven years to do so! He was a bit crazy, but I loved him. :)


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