Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, Back So Soon?

Once again Monday has arrived much too soon. Upon hearing the radio come to life at 5:03, I responded like the reasonable human being I am - I hit the snooze button and sank down deeper into the blankets, like a child hiding from the monsters waiting to emerge from the closet. Resistance was futile, of course. Monday was already here and demanding to be reckoned with.

It is going to be one of those there's-not-enough-coffee-in-the-world kind of days. The week stretches out before me like an endless tunnel with just the faintest glimmer of light at the end. I am tired. I am spent. I need a break.

Spring Break, however, is still two weeks away. Ten more days of getting up early. Ten more days of taking my younger son to school before dashing off to school myself, all the while reviewing a mental to-do list and kicking myself for not getting work done the night before. Ten more days of reining in 23 students who have gotten a whiff of impending vacation.

Ten days can be an eternity.

But, as I said, resistance is futile. There is nothing to do but move forward and plow through, making the most of the days in front of me. I pray there will be moments of laughter and learning and inspiration to keep me going.

And coffee. Lots of coffee.


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